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Everyone loves a big deck.

What's a lake house without a nice deck. I mean why have a house on the lake if you're not going to have a great outdoor living space, so first things first... rehab the deck.

When we bought the house, the deck had great potential. It's a great size and shape and the foundation was pretty sound, but it was not taken care of, it had some holes and was pretty dry rotted. We decided to just strip it down!

Let the games begin! We first removed all the old screws, then removed all the deck boards. There were a few support beams that needed replacing as well.

We decided to go with composite decking because we plan on being here for a long time and we want this thing to be easy peazy and last worry free.

Composite decking is a man-made material that combines wood fibers and plastics. It is not as hard as wood, so we did have to go in and add extra runners to make 12-inch centers instead of 24 inches. Next, we replaced the board on top of the handrail and added extra support.

We then added these fantastic solar lights from Amazon for ambience!

End result, a fantastic outdoor space that we can't get enough of. Just look at that view!

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